Java Web Developer

Toorbee is a B2B Fin-tech/Travel-tech Company which provides a large range of in destination services around Europe making countries and their infrastructure China ready in order to accommodate the huge demand from Chinese travelers. Toorbee intends to fully develop its multiple business locations. So the Company seeks to substantially grow its development teams in order expand further its network.


  • Work together with company staff to develop business transaction module and flow.
  • Work as a team to develop this web based transaction system.
  • Work together with our team to run this website on the development side.


  • Knowledge of modern programming practices in Java (Functional programming, Streams, Lamdas) is a must
  • Use of testing libraries like Junit and TDD approach during development is necessary
  • Hands on experience with Java frameworks such as Spring Boot and WildFly application server
  • Knowledge of JavaEE and JAX-WS/RS, and XML/JSON
  • Experience with containerization (Docker, Kubernetes and etc)
  • Experience with CICD tools
  • Experence with public cloud AWS/GCP/Azure and On-Premises DC


  • Preferred graduates in computer science, computer engineering and management information system majors with knowledge and skill of developing a website
  • Good communication skill and willingness to work together with other people.
  • Self-discipline in order to finish work on a timely basis.


  • If traveling is needed, company will compensate for luncheon and trip expenses.